“Our true, natural state is to be light in body mind and spirit.
We are meant to enjoy ourselves and be happy….
Pain is not supposed to be blindly accepted;
it is instead a signal that something needs to be healed.”


OMINIS MISSION is committed to providing integrative counseling services and wellness practices that provide quality and practical life skills and resources to individuals, couples, and families to help them achieve optimum mind, body, and spiritual balance and harmony in their lives and their environment.


Integrating advances in science, healthcare, psychology, and wellness, with the great wisdom and healing traditions of the world, so these integrated models can be gracefully and meaningfully expressed in all aspects of modern life.


Ominis provides you with a safe place to come … to ask questions … to address your concerns, to transform.

MRS. BILIS, MS, MEd, Founder and Director of OMINIS, a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and Certified Meditation Instructor, practices Integrative Counseling, an approach that combines the best and proven Eastern and Western modalities. Mrs. Bilis offers a multi-dimensional analysis and treatment plan uniquely designed for each individual.


Bring balance, harmony, peace and prosperity into your life


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