The heart sends signals to the brain that can influence:
Emotional experience
Higher Mental Processes

Benefits of Learning Meditation:

Reduce stress and fatigue

Better quality of life

Strengthen immune system

Increase creativity

Experience inner peace

Improve concentration and productivity

Awaken your inner healer

Enhances intelligence, and academic performance

Reverse aging process



  • better memory,
  • clearer and more orderly thinking,
  • greater creativity and ability to focus,
  • use of your whole brain and its full potential,
  • sharper intellect,
  • higher IQ,
  • better grades, more alertness,
  • expanded consciousness


  • a longer, healthier life
  • less stress, more energy,
  • better health, younger body,
  • better sleep,
  • lower blood pressure,
  • reduced alcohol abuse,
  • ability to stop smoking,
  • less tension, relief from asthma, lower cholesterol,
  • faster reaction time,


  • fulfilling friendships,
  • inner calm,
  • self-confidence,
  • bigger perspective on life,
  • increased tolerance,
  • deeper appreciation of yourself and others,
  • more harmonious behavior,
  • ability to feel better about yourself
  • enjoy life more, less anxiety, anger, and depression

Professional Life—

  • achieve a stronger self-concept,
  • make right decisions,
  • be more satisfied with your career,
  • do your job better,
  • solve problems faster,
  • enjoy your work more,
  • develop effective leadership,
  • do less and accomplish more,
  • get along better with co-workers,
  • experience less stress at work.

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