Brainstem Hologram (BSH)
Cerebellum Hologram (CBH)
Cerebral Medulla Hologram (CMH)
Cerebral Cortex Hologram (CCH)

The four Infoceuticals BSH, CH, CMH and CCH have the central purpose of helping with the release of past emotional shocks, traumas, negative subconscious belief patterns, tape loops and memories.
When any of these states become ‘trapped’ in the subconscious they can have significant impact on both emotional and physical wellbeing. By releasing and resolving past emotional issues people tend to experience profound changes at many levels.

When someone experiences an unexpected, dramatic, emotional shock for which they have a limited coping strategy, there is a tendency for that shock to become imprinted into the subconscious. NES research suggests that these shock/conflicts result in ‘energetic oscillations’ within the brain.
Over time, if the shock is not liberated either naturally or through therapy, it can manifest as a physical health issue.

Research has identified a relationship between the originating type of shock/conflict and the locations in the brain where the oscillations occur. The correlation of originating shock to brain location has been mapped out and the identified locations are known as ‘relay points’. Correlation has also been identified between the relay points in the brain and tissues of the body. Effectively this forms a link between the mental/emotional body and the physical body where originating shocks can result in physical illness.

Each of the four Brain Hologram Infoceuticals are designed to release groups of originating shock/conflict memories that reside in specific regions of the brain.

So for Instance Brain Stem Hologram Infoceutical will address emotional issues resulting from shocks of – abandonment, anger, mistrust, being denied, loss of self control, hurt and all the other twelve emotions mentioned on the brain stem screen of the scan.

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