The Science behind the NES -Total Wellness Scan –

The NES Scan applies quantum science in relation to health care based on 31 years of research and development in mapping the Human Body Field.

Quantum physics is simply a way to explain the interconnectedness of all of life.
We can understand how waves in space can interact (space resonance)

How these interactions from fields (quantum electrodynamics)

How these fields shape our world (morphogentics)

For many years, eminent researchers have observed that biochemical processes are accompanied by energetic phenomena.

These phenomena do not fit into the traditional biochemical model and are not explainable through chemistry alone. A sampling of these investigations includes the following:

  • Harold Saxton Burr in the 1940’s identified an energy field that surrounds all living beings, which he called the ‘L field’ or Living field.
  • In the same era, Semyon Kirlian developed a technique to view the body’s corona discharge, an ‘aura’ type field made visible through high voltage charges across a photographic plate.
  • In the 1950’s, Dr Robert O. Becker produced a large body of research showing the presence of electric currents in the skin and identified their importance in regenerating tissue.
  • Prof Kim Bong Han traced the acupuncture meridians with radioactive isotopes in the sixties.
  • In the following decade, Prof Fritz-Albert Popp discovered biophotons, the phenomena whereby living cells emit packets of light called photons.
  • In the seventies, Freeman W. Cope developed the Solid-state Theory of Biological Processes. He demonstrated that cell organelles were like three-dimensional semiconductors (a semiconductor is the basis of a transistor, the building block of all modern electronics). He showed that cells can be seen as electrical energy-control devices.
  • In the 1990s, Beverly Rubik demonstrated the existence of the human ‘biofield’.
  • In the last decade, the English biologist Rupert Sheldrake published A New Science of Life, describing a morphogenetic field based on DNA and RNA. This was proposed as a grand control mechanism for all living things. His concept of morphogenetics helped in the development of the NES system and formed a corner stone to biophysics theory.

The most significant breakthrough in the history of biophysics came in the early 1960s with the work of Richard Feynman, a world-famous quantum physicist who is considered one of the most significant physicists of the 20th century. His principle work included the development of the Quantum Electrodynamics (QED) Field, which forms the foundation link between quantum physics (the study of the behavior of subatomic particles) and biology.

QED, in essence, explains how atoms and cells communicate with each other and forms the basis of quantum biology and biophysics.

Between 1983 and 1997, Peter Fraser combined the ideas of his forerunners in the field. Gradually abandoning the idea of an electrical field in biology, he substituted a quantum field. He knew this was a special case of the QED field, one that appears under a certain voltage of electrostatic charge.

In 1998, he constructed a machine that demonstrated that free energy would appear spontaneously in an electrically enclosed space. The natural phenomena of cavities, tuned to specific frequencies, occurs in the human body as well. This energy can be verified by being displayed on a cathode ray screen. Fraser theorized that this energy was the motive power source for a quantized, biological energy field.

By 2001, he had measured sets of angles, summarized as numerical entities set in space in multi- dimensional contexts. These are the basis of information, which appears to be carried in all living things by phonons, electrons and photons. Two years later, he found that electrons, phonons and photons all have characteristic behaviors during information transfer. Since this is dependent on their frequency, he was able to determine a set of physical constants describing this behavior.

During 2004, Fraser described a system of biophysics-based medicine, including more than 60 preparations. These ‘Infoceuticals’ were created through information transfer in quantized fields. Infoceuticals (which are simply data imprinted in a quantized field) are designed to correct information transfer in the human body. He proposed a dual system of medicine – part biochemical, part quantized field.

Continuing to experiment and build on previous insights, in 2005 he demonstrated that the function of the brain and nervous system is a set of patterns-in-space matching systems. The entire process of human thought, learning and memory can be attributed to this process.

Biophysics is the science that links the ‘real’, experimental world with the ‘virtual’, unseen, energetic world associated with subatomic interaction and Quantum Electrodynamic (QED) body-fields.

From a biophysics perspective, much of conventional pathology is observable and real. People do catch viral infections, break bones, suffer hormonal imbalances, experience organ failure and develop allergies.

At the other end of the spectrum, the concepts of Oriental pathology dealing with the energetic aspect of illness are thousands of years old, and as accurate and applicable today as they have ever been.

Thus, any complete picture of human health and disease must include and integrate both these views as well as others.

Biophysics pathology encompasses both perspectives and adds the unique concepts of advanced quantum chemistry to the equation.

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